Home Automation Solution enPowerMe, A world’s First from Watteco

  • Posted on: 30 May 2010
  • By: chw staff

Watteco, announced the world’s first water heater and HVAC system software monitoring solution. The company is a leading manufacturer of System on Chip (SoC) and other Ultra low Powerline Communucation (PLC) solutions that enables us to manage and monitor household appliances. The enPowerMe software monitor energy usage of any major appliances, using a non-intrusive energy-analysis algorithm said watteco.

According to the company the enPowerMe software requires only a single hardware connection at the smart meter or breaker box to provide access to information of a home's major electrical loads, and Can Be Used in Wide Range of Smart Metering, In-Home Gateway and Display Applications.  "Watteco's enPowerMe software enables OEMs to build energy-monitoring solutions that make it easy to give consumers information and alerts about energy costs and savings opportunities," said Didier Boivin, CEO at Watteco.

enPowerMe uses a active power measurement approach rather than active and reactive and combines a robust inference engine with statistical time analysis and a probability index that was created from the energy-usage profiles of an exhaustive list of thousands of appliances. The profiles were generated over the course of five years real-life residential surveys. It can be used to generate information at the meter or in a home display about cost and savings opportunities which can be used to trigger early warning alerts. It also can also fuel HAN gateway systems in command-and-control applications with activity index monitoring.

"enPowerMe provides visibility into the energy usage of individual appliances that, in aggregate, represent 80 percent of a home's typical power consumption, and which now can be monitored by providing users with disaggregated data for per-appliance energy-consumption analysis," Boivin added. "OEMs can use it to build solutions to make it significantly easier for consumers to understand the importance of energy monitoring, and to actively participate in reducing their household energy consumption."

source: watteco

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