IBM Offers Smart Cloud Solutions to Connected Home Market

  • Posted on: 8 October 2010
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

IBM is showing its interest in the connected home by developing a host of cloud services and solutions for the connected home market.  At this year’s IFA show in Germany they showcased prototypes of different cloud solutions and services that they can give to connected device manufacturers and related services providers. They said there is a lot to gain from using a common services delivery platform based on industry standards.

IBM thinks there are many advantages and opportunities for the market in integrating the Cloud into their infrastructure. IBM think the Cloud will help business to meet the growing challenges associated with the wave of smart, connected devices and their related service components entering the market.

Seen as one of the founding companies of modern computing and IT services, IBM is positioning themselves as a key partner to manufacturer developing connected devices and service providers.  So far IBM collaborated with Shaspa Research, Philips, Granny & Smith and many others.

According to Bruce Anderson, General Manager of global electronics, “IBM believes smarter products and services innovations in the Consumer Electronic (CE) industry will be galvanized through a cloud computing infrastructure” a solution that has it roots in leasing server space and time from specialist providers. This he said, will help CE companies not only manage the connected devices, but also maintain a direct, continuous connection to end-users through the smarter devices.

Already this year I have seen announcements from companies using the cloud concept and solution to offer cloud music services, cloud video on demand services and cloud backup services. IBM’s initial offering goes right across the main services within a consumer’s home. This includes energy management and entertainment and others.

IBM as shown proof of concept services with its Cloud Linkage solution, where in home connected devices react to information situated in the cloud. In entertainment IBM has collaborated with Philips to develop a new generation of television that is optimized for viewing internet content, where viewers have access to personalized web services, content, and hybrid broadcast broadband TV. 

With Granny & Smith they have developed an integrated user interface which through IBM cloud services allows users to connect with Miele@home appliances and get status updates and consumption data on energy used or money spent. In a move similar to PacketVideo and JDM they have developed a car management solution that again integrates with IBM cloud service. It allows for synchronisation of home related services and appliances so they can be monitored and controlled from within the car.