nVoy To Make Hybrid Home Networking Possible

  • Posted on: 12 June 2013
  • By: chw staff

As the saying goes one hat does not fit everyone and the same applies to home networking.  Our home today will have a mixture of devices that use different method of communicating; that is because we buy devices base on the service it provides rather than its method of networking. Therefore, you will see that the devices we have may use Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Homeplug, MoCA or a combination of some. Thus, the introduction of nVoy, a solution based on the IEEE 1905.1 standard.

Now a certification program has been develop around nVoy so that products based on MoCA, Ethernet , HomePlug and Wi-Fi connectivity can communicate seamlessly.  The certification is to help both service providers and households to better manage this mix and match devices.  The nVoy networking will enable service providers to add new networking capabilities to improve their service to consumers.

“Features of nVoy certified products will include advanced diagnostic supported locally or remotely with TR-069, topology discovery, simplified security setup, link metrics and automatic configuration of Wi-Fi access points.”

Any home today will have a mixture of ways of how they consume content.  It can be combination of any of these: Video-on-Demand, IPTV, Multi-room DVR and device-to-device media shifting.  With nVoy a user can expect simple system self-installation of a mixture of devices  - based on the consistent authentication provided by nVoy.

Based on feedback from the different groups supporting the different technologies, nVoy certification will help to accelerate the adoption of home networking. Households will see the flexibility of technology, as service providers deploy more capable and reliable content across more devices.