Report out: The Future Of Digital Home Entertainment

  • Posted on: 19 May 2010
  • By: chw staff

Last month released a report about the key trends and drivers shaping devices, content and services in the growing digital home market.  According to the report “despite the economic slowdown of recent years, digital home entertainment looks set to evolve and grow significantly over the next five years”.  Here are we have seen this trend and think that what we are seeing is just the taste of what is to come. We think that as more consumer become aware of the technology and the technology become more affordable more people will be going to the shops.

The convergence of technologies and platforms, lifestyle trends, a growing need for mobility, and technological advances are all combining to fundamentally change the ways in which consumers interact with digital content.

In the future digital home, content will be king, and consumers will expect to be able to access synchronized content and digital content libraries instantaneously on a range of connected devices, in a variety of locations.

The consumption of digital entertainment content is being driven by the rapid transition to online and mobile platforms, on which consumers of tomorrow will expect the ability to watch broadcast TV, access video content on-demand, personalize Internet radio stations to suit their own preferences, play games, and store media collections, whether inside or outside the home - this concept of the ‘porous home’ will be a defining feature of the future of digital home entertainment.

Key findings from this report:

  • The future of digital home entertainment can be defined and analyzed using six key ‘meta-themes’. All of these themes interrelate with each other, but the key ones are convergence and specialization.
  • Around 45% of mobile Internet users are expected to be in Asia-Pacific by 2014 .
  • The CAGR for mobile music over the period 2009-2013 is forecast to be 38%, almost double that for the online channel.
  • The number of households receiving digital TV globally is expected to grow from just over 211m in 2009 to reach 274m by 2012. Satellite and cable will remain the two largest delivery platforms for digital TV between now and 2012, however, IPTV will grow the fastest.
  • The VOD market is expected to generate almost $9bn in revenues in 2012.