Tendril Moves Into The Connected Home Market With ViVint

  • Posted on: 20 August 2011
  • By: chw staff

Vivint the creator of smart home solution Go!Control is partnering with Tendril to license tendril’s home energy management cloud platform.  The partnership will allow Vivint customers to get real-time energy use which will help to better manage their energy use.  Under the partnership Vivint has licensed Tendril’s ‘Tendril Connect’ and ‘Tendril Energize’, a suite of applications including a home energy management web portal.

The partnership will see Tendril move directly into the connected home market.  For Vivint customers who already have a Go!Control in-home display, the Tendril Energize web portal will be available later this year. Beginning in early 2012, Tendril Connect will be integrated into the next-generation Go!Control panel, which is manufactured by 2GIG Technologies.

To date more than 30 of the top global utilities, industry partners and leading CE manufacturers, including Whirlpool and Siemens Energy, subscribe to Tendril Connect platform.  The Tendril Connect is integrated with networked products and services that consume electricity; from thermostats, electric vehicles, to refrigerators and set-top boxes.  It is also used by energy service provider as an integrated solution to support their demand response (DR) and energy management applications.

Vivint said, “Recent research confirms the benefits Vivint home energy management customers can realize by utilizing this data.” They believe that Tendril Energize will enable persistent and active consumer participation in managing their home energy use with meaningful changes and results.

“Tendril’s cloud platform, with its industry-leading analytics, will empower our customers in a way never before possible, helping them improve energy efficiency, and reduce energy costs through home automation,” said Tanguy Serra, president, Vivint Energy.