Home Networking First 802.11n Bonded ADSL2+ Gateway: ZyXEL's P663HN

  • Posted on: 31 August 2009
  • By: chw staff

ZyXELZyXEL Communications today announced the industry’s first 802.11n bonded ADSL2+ gateway for operators.  The All-in-One Broadband Access and Wireless Networking Solution Enables Service Providers to Double Bandwidth on Existing Infrastructure for IPTV and Other Premium Services  ZyXEL is a leading provider of secure broadband networking, Internet connectivity and routing products.

Available immediately, the P663HN offers a complete home networking package with Bonded ADSL2+ modem, 11n Wireless, 4-Port switch and built-in secure firewall.  Bonded ADSL2+ technology allows service providers to double the bandwidth over existing copper infrastructure thus leveraging their investment to quickly deploy revenue generating services like IPTV, VoD and other premium applications.

The P663HN with 802.11n wireless technology offers subscribers a top notch home networking solution. With 300Mbps speeds and superior coverage eliminating dead spots, families can take advantage of high broadband speeds to stream videos to their big screen TV from the Internet, play games online, video chat with distant relatives - all from anywhere in the house on multiple devices.

"ZyXEL now has a complete line of bonded ADSL2+ CPE - offering service providers several options that double the bandwidth on existing copper infrastructure," said Brian Feng, senior vice president, key accounts business unit for ZyXEL.  "With the P-663HN, service providers can economically offer higher bandwidth services coupled with home networking solutions to their subscribers. This is a prime example of ZyXEL`s commitment to building exactly what operators need to remain competitive."

ZyXEL P663HN`s Benefits:

  • ADSL2+ Bonding - ATM-based multi-paired bonding groups two ports into one logical link, supporting up to 48Mbps downstream and 4Mbps upstream - effectively doubling the original speed. In addition, individual port bit rates can be freely and independently changed by their respective physical layer.
  • 802.11n Wireless - The P663HN uses draft 802.11n technology with multiple external antennas to maximize the speed and range of a wireless signal. eliminating Wi-Fi dead spots.
  • QoS - The P663HN is equipped with both ATM and IP QoS features, allowing operators to freely design their QoS policy based on a subscriber`s service plan. The operator thereby can prioritize mission-critical services such as IPTV and VoIP, increasing network efficiency and bringing true multi-play into residential users` lives.
  • TR-069 - With TR-069 standard management specifications, operators can remotely manage and configure customer devices. This not only offers customers a true plug-and-play experience, it reduces operators` operation and maintenance costs.
  • WLAN/WPS Button - This eco-friendly wireless on/off button gives users an easy way to manage energy consumption and stay green.

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