NOOK Samsung Galaxy Tab4 Coming In August

  • Posted on: 5 June 2014
  • By: chw staff

NOOK Media a subsidiary of Barnes & Noble has collaborated with Samsung Electronics America to offer NOOK’s reading software on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, 7-inch version.  As part of the partnership owners of the new “Samsung Galaxy NOOK” will have access to Barnes & Noble’s content, of more than three million books, leading magazines and newspapers. Customers will also have the option to buy the “Samsung Galaxy NOOK” or NOOK eReader (NOOK GlowLight).

Samsung Selects McAfee Security for Media Player HomeSync

  • Posted on: 13 November 2013
  • By: chw staff

Samsung has partnered with McAfee to add virus protection to its new home media player called, Samsung HomeSync.  The Android-base device can store up to 1TB of digital content, enough space for a standard home.  HomeSync is due in shops from the beginning of October and will come with McAfee VirusScan pre-installed.  Samsung said the partnership is to help protect and its customer’s digital content from the growing range of Android-based threats.

Upgrade Your Viewing With This Year’s Best 4K TVs

  • Posted on: 9 July 2013
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

It felt like a very short while ago 1080 HD TV was the must have television. I haven’t even swap out my Sony CRT yet saying I will wait until the price settle and the technology matured – yes, despite loving technology I’m not an early adaptor.  Now, with the introduction of ultra HD 4K TVs I might have to skip HD to Ultra HD.  4K Television not only promise better quality pictures but bigger screens as well, with 50in being the minimum.

Samsung Extends Eco Bubble Range With Yukon, The World’s Largest Washing Machine

  • Posted on: 19 November 2012
  • By: chw staff

Samsung Electronics has unveiled the largest washing machine and dryer in the world, available to home users with an unprecedented 17kg washing capacity and 9kg for drying. The Yukon has the largest capacity of any two-in-one washer/dryer appliance in the world. With its spacious and efficient design, Samsung is helping to reduce the number of washing cycles needed, making life easier for large families that struggle to manage their laundry piles.

Adobe Flash for the Digital Home, Two Years Later

  • Posted on: 12 October 2011
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

The Adobe Flash platform has come a long way since we first started using web animation. Even more astonishing is its role in facilitating in-home entertainment via the different devices. The Adobe Flash and Adobe AIR platforms have move from being a simple plug-in for desktop applications to being a platform for CE manufacturers to develop solutions for digital home devices. Now, developers can build applications for home devices extending the Flash-based experience to the television.

eMeter Enters Korean Smart Grid Market With Samsung SDS

  • Posted on: 19 May 2011
  • By: chw staff

eMeter, the global leader in Smart Grid Management software, announced a new multi-tiered partnership with Korean based Samsung SDS. The partnership will bring together eMeter and Samsung SDS' industry expertise, regional knowledge, resources and technologies to provide enhanced systems integration and development capabilities, especially with regard to SAP integration. The partnership kicked off with a recent signing ceremony at Samsung SDS offices in Seoul, Korea.

Samsung and Zip Partnered on Movie Streaming App

  • Posted on: 6 May 2011
  • By: chw staff

Canadians with Samsung’s SMART Televisions, Blu-ray players and Home Theatre systems will soon be able to stream entertainment services from, a provider of on-demand movie and television content.  According to Samsung Electronics Canada, a application is coming soon to Samsung’s home entertainment systems which allows members the ability to instantly watch movies and TV episodes from

Samsung Showcases 2011 Connected Product Line

  • Posted on: 22 March 2011
  • By: chw staff

Samsung last week unveil its new line of consumer electronics for 2011 at its Samsung Experience show.  The event demonstrated everything Samsung; from Television, Tablets, notebooks, cameras and more. Among the many new products features and functionality, Samsung want to highlight its new connectivity concept called the Nth- Screen. The concept is driving Samsung’s vision to offer seamless connectivity and interoperability between devices.

MTV Music Meter Coming to Samsung HDTVs and Bluray Players

  • Posted on: 7 February 2011
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

A Selected range of Samsung’s  Blu-ray Home Theater Systems, HDTVs and Blu-ray players are to have the MTV Music Meter as one of their applications. The MTV Music Meter which as launched on selected smartphones (Samsung’s Galaxy series smartphones and Galaxy Tab tablet) and a website is used to track artists trending based on their social media buzz is now ported to the Samsung home entertainment platform as one of its apps.