Now Apple’s Home Automation Wants Your Location Data

  • Posted on: 6 November 2013
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

appleApple has made public what I have suspected from a long time, they want a share of the home automation market.  In addition to that they want your location data collected by their iPhone, ipad etc., to provide the service. In 2010/2011 Apple came under a lot of pressure to say why they were collecting customers location data and what they were doing with it.

Why Home Automation is Big Business

  • Posted on: 21 October 2013
  • By: chw staff

In the next six years the global home automation market is expected to worth over US$16 Billion, this is according to a report from Transparency Market Research.  Competition is growing between broadband service providers, telcos and utilities where different parties are offering packaged/bundled services. North America is expected to remain the most valued market, with safety and security as the preferred product followed by energy management.

Perceptive Automation Signs Strategic Agreement With FortrezZ

  • Posted on: 15 October 2013
  • By: chw staff

Perceptive Automation, the creator of Mac-based home automation solution Indigo has announced that they are partnering with FortrezZ a manufacture of security and wireless automation products. The strategic agreement will allow support for FortrezZ products in Indigo. The partnership will allow seamless integration of FortrezZ devices into automated homes using Perceptive Indigo.

VIA International Merged Home Automation Solutions Providers

  • Posted on: 27 August 2013
  • By: chw staff

viaConnected home solutions companies Paragon Technology, S3 Aurant, Cyber Sound, DSI Entertainment, Studio AV and Engineered Environments have are coming under one umbrella – VIA International. The companies, which are based across the Western United States (Colorado, Utah, Northern and Southern California, Arizona, and Montana), are creating what they called digital concierge services for the home.

Savant Introduces Wireless Smart Lighting

  • Posted on: 20 August 2013
  • By: chw staff

Savant is offering home owners more flexibility in managing our lighting, with the introduction of its Wi-Fi smart lighting control system.  SmartLighting can be used as both a standalone lighting control platform or as part of a complete Savant automation system. Each Wi-Fi keypad has its own dimmer that let you manage it individually from your phone app or as part of a larger Savant home control system.

Mac Home Automation Software Indigo 6 Released

  • Posted on: 13 August 2013
  • By: chw staff

Perceptive Automation, the leading provider of Mac-based home automation software, today announced the immediate availability of Indigo 6, an update to the company's intelligent home control and automation server for Mac OS X. With Indigo, users can easily monitor and control lights, appliances, thermostats, lawn sprinklers and dozens of other items found in the home, thereby helping to reduce energy usage.

Flying the Flag for Home Automation, Control4 Now Listed on Nasdaq: CTRL

  • Posted on: 8 August 2013
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

control4From a hobbyist activity, home automation has gone mainstream creating a market worth billions of dollars. To prove it and to fly the flag for the sector, this month Control4 was list on the Nasdaq stock exchange (CTRL) as a purely home automation solution company.  Today the company is worth $500 million and with its stock trading around the $20 mark, but looking back how did a company selling geeky solutions got this far.

Evolve Your Home Automation With Revolv

  • Posted on: 7 August 2013
  • By: chw staff

Due to release this autumn, the Revolv home automation solution promises to change the way we manage our connected home appliances.  The company - previously Mobiplug Networks Inc  but now Revolv said those interested can pre-order the package which comes with the Revolv Hub, Revolv App which feature remote access plus GeoSense automation. For only $299 you can manage your Sonos, Hue lighting, Yale automatic locks, and more, all from a single app.

Defending Home Automation And The Connected Home

  • Posted on: 6 August 2013
  • By: Patrick Oliphant

Home automation and the devices that support this solution have had a lot of bad press over the last two weeks.  As a supporter of the products and the technologies to goes into it to make it all possible, personally I was embarrassed by it all. From a professional standpoint I can see the benefit of highlighting these issues and a lot coming out of it. Home automation and smart home solutions have come a long way since 1933 when it was a theme at the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair.